Our gym story began in 2008. Back then we were a
small & a secluded company with minimum facilities
and members. With one goal in mind- To Thrive.

jasmine fitness club image

jasmine fitness image



Now almost 12 years later and with 2500+ customers,
we are at the competing top of the fitness, gym, spa, and
health industry. With more than ever, facilities
include- state of the art technology, fully equipped

spacious gym, We have now grown to
become the best gym and fitness club inside the Kathmandu valley.

Club and gym has reached numerous milestones in the business

of corporate health, fitness, wellbeing, social
prestige, and inner peace.

We also have company policies about marketing,
member services, safety, health & environment
policies for being a responsible company in
contributing to the sustainable development of the

people and surroundings alike.

We judge ourselves not with the number of happy
customers but with the number of unsatisfied
customers because we have so few. Developing
from a minute gym club to a grand family. We have
provided ourselves with a place to relax, socialize,
exercise, chill, meditate, groom, gym.

With the gust to thrive in this gym industry, provide

ultimate premium services to our members and a
the mindset to keep reaching to higher and newer
milestones. We are proud to present our services to